Ringer Star: Ringo Starr Tribute Artist


Ringer Star at Abbey Road on the River 2013

Beatles Park, Walnut Ridge, Sept. 2012

Beatles on the Ridge. Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, Sept. 2012

Chicago Beatle Fest, August 2012: Ringer Star All Star Band

Ringer and Johnny B, Concert of Colors 2013

Ringer and the incredibly talented producer Don Was; it was really cool to surprise Don for Ringo's Birthday at his Concert of Colors 2013.

Ringer with Billy J. Kramer and Mark Hudson, New York Beatlefest. So wonderful to meet these talented guys.

Ringer and the legendary guitar player of the MC5, Wayne Kramer. Concert of Colors 2013

Terry "Thunder" Hughly and Ringer, Concert of Colors 2013

Ringer and Rob Shanahan, Ringo's photographer. New York Beatlefest. Very hip guy from LA and an excellent photographer.

Ringer and Peter Noone of Hermans Hermits. New York Beatlefest. I grew up listening to Hermans Hermits; love Peter!

Ringer and Mark Hudson, Ringo's producer. New York Beatlefest. Absolutely love this guy. I could listen to him talk and sing forever, and the world would not be the same without him in it.

Ringer and Manager Ed Primeau at Primeau Productions in Detroit, MI.
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